For Professionals

Medical and other professionals may refer an individual, child or parent to my practice by providing my contact information. If you want to discuss a possible referral, I invite you to contact me directly by phone or email. I welcome collaboration.

I encourage professionals to consider a referral when an individual or parent voices a developmental, psychological, social-emotional or behavioral concern that persists. Consultation with a mental health professional may serve to prevent undue worry and may identify an issue that can be addressed in a mental health context.

No child is too young to refer. Early intervention, including infant parent issues, supports the development of secure early relationships and it is in this family context that children grow and learn.

Mental health services are most effective when offered as a partnership that includes parents, child and psychotherapist with a focus on goals that are collaboratively identified. One size does not fit all, so it is through collaboration that services are tailored to each individual.